Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surviving The Storm

It is the only thing on television today---"The Winter Storm of 2010". It has been the main topic for several days and today it finally happened. We watched in the early morning as the City was experiencing rain which eventually turned to ice and snow. We saw pictures of broken trees across cars and houses, we watched the traffic backed up on the I-40 and knew that roads were closed across the Texas Panhandle and the entire state of Oklahoma. It was a meteorologist dream, He is on the same high as a kid with a sugar rush or me with a piece of chocolate. The Storm has arrived.

I don't think one school in the State of Oklahoma had school today as they were fearful of what was coming. The weathermen have done their job. People hurried to the grocery store and to the hardwares for the things needed to help them survive. If the electricity goes off you will need lanterns, candles, maybe a generator. Truck loads of generators arrived in OK City from across the country anticipating this storm and the great sales they will make.

We (I) brought loads of wood into the house,(no garage) and hope that we will have enough if the electricity does go off. The Rancher and Son are working on the gas well that provides gas to Son's house. It is dark and I know they are cold as it is 16 degrees and the wind is blowing fierce. I pray for them to just come to our house and get warm. We check on our elderly mother who lives three miles away. She does not want to leave her house and her bed. If the drifts are too bad, we will not be able to get to her house in the morning. She assures me by phone that she is okay.

We saw dozens of utility trucks on the highways going toward where the worst of the storm is. They are coming from an area where the storm hasn't been, to help in our time of need.

It is a time for pulling together and helping each other and it is a time of worry for each other. I pray for the cattle and little animals that are out in the storm. I watched the birds at the feeders this afternoon in the shelter of the ceders and pines. I love to watch them, please God keep them safe.

The storm is expected to move out tomorrow, but it will not be over. There will be alot of work to do. Cattle to feed, fence to repair where the weight of the drifts have pulled the wires loose. When the sun comes out we will marvel at the beauty of the sunshine on the snow and the way it glistens.

My Professor Daughter told me they made Snow Ice Cream this afternoon. I had forgotten about that. Here is the recipe.

Snow Ice Cream

A very large bowl of Snow (10 Qt. Tupperware)
2 cups of sugar
Vanilla to taste
Milk to make it slushy

Mix and eat.

I remember what a treat this was when I was a child . I hope that my grandsons enjoyed it today.


Dawn said...

I don't think I've ever had snow Ice cream. Aren't you glad you are able to bring in your wood even though it is a mess in the house?

Andi said...

I've never made or eaten snow ice cream. leave it to Paula to do that!

Anonymous said...

We actually made two batches of snow ice cream. One I used vanilla extract, the other I used almond and let me tell you both were delic. You can also stir in chocolate syrup (wonderful with the almond) or any other topping you enjoy.

We loved it.

BTW...We are back in school and the trip that usually takes 20 miinutes from the time I leave the house and drop off both boys at different schools in different parts of town took over an hour. CRAZY driving and very thankful for 4 wheel drive.

Love to all