Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Blessing

This morning I started a new Bible study, The Blessing. This touched me very much and made me wonder if I had truly blessed my own children enough with the words that they longed to hear. As I read Genesis 27 and the story of the struggle between Jacob and Esau, I had to reflect about how I treated my own children and even how my parents raised me. I know that I failed miserably but I hope that I made some effort to praise my children and to bless each one of them in their own right.

Unlike Jacob and Esau, my children will receive few worldly things. We are a family of modest means. My blessing to each of them is an introduction to Our Father in heaven and His Precious Son. I pray that God will bless them continually in all that they do and that they will walk with Him each minute of the day. I pray they will make wise choices and honor Him. This is still my prayer each morning. I pray that this is passed on through the generations of this family.

As a grandma, I can look back and see that I have learned so much. Some of it was a little late, but it is never to late to try to do better. So to my spouse, children, grandchildren, I love you and you have my blessings in what you strive to do. (it better be good)


Dawn said...

Parents are never going to get it right, I have discovered, and while we probably will all have regrets, if you can look back on what you've done and say that I did my best, that's all you can do! And I think you did great! Love you and Dad so much, don't dwell on the mistakes you think you made, because we have no idea. And you got the two most important things right--telling us about Jesus and loving us!

Anonymous said...

I think you gave us the best blessing of all.

Andi said...

Crud. You mean this worry about screwing up parenting never ends?

You did great. The best you knew how, and that's all anyone can do. Plus, we all found Jesus! Praise the Lord!