Friday, January 8, 2010

Did You Know????

It is so dang cold outside that if you spit, it freezes the minute it hits the ground. That is not a lie. It is COLD!!! It was O degrees at 6 AM this morning. (I don't know how to do a degrees symbol, does anybody?) I am sure that you all needed to know that bit of information. The Rancher has spent hours thawing wells, hauling water breaking ice and just being aggrivated about the whole mess. Yesterday the wind chill was -17, but hey, I am thankful that I don't live in North Dakota where it was -50. Is this an indication that there really is no such thing as GLOBAL WARMING. I have doubted that all along but nobody asked my opinion. So----Who is ready for SPRING?

Spring--I love it, It is my favotite time of year, next to Fall. I just love the changes I guess, I even like the Winter and Heat of the Summer, but I do appreciate a nice gentle Spring day, when things are turning green and everything is coming to life. Which reminds me, we are having some baby calves.(Someone didn't get the bulls separated from the cows in time). We have a bottle calf as of yesterday. One more thing to do out in the cold. I feel sorry for the poor little thing all by himself trying to keep warm. He is in the chicken house to keep out of the weather. That space became available recently thanks to the preditors in our neighborhood.

And did you know that you can put anti-fungus drops in your eye and live through it? It didn't help the dry eye problem but the rancher sure learned to put his glasses on before he grabbed the bottle and plopped down on the bed for this nightly routine. After waking our visiting Nurse, who helped us with a good eye wash, we laughed and laughed. Well, anyhow, maybe he won't get toenail fungus in THAT eye. Which reminds me---

Since we live here all alone most of the time, we sometimes go about in our undies as we leave the bathroom for the bedroom. The Rancher had left the bedroom door open that adjoins the den. We think nothing of this, as the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. One of our older granddaughters who was quite young at the time, Yelled at Grandpa, " Grandpa, don't you know you are naked?, Put your glasses on". Turns out that was what she noticed, Grandpa didn't have his glasses on. She is the same granddaughter that chewed on her hair all of the time when she was little. One day Grandpa(who is bald) said, Honey, don't chew on your hair. Look what happens when you do that. He unbuttoned his shirt to display his very hairy belly, and little sugar pie never chewed on her hair again. She didn't want it growing out of her belly like Grandpa's. Did you know that would happen. Me neither.

And did you know that your skeleton accounts for 20% of your body wieght? (I'm very large boned)

And did you know about the plummer who's sign reads "A good flush beats a full house?"

With that I shall close.


Dawn said...

So did you spit to test it out? I asked Les if he wanted to and he said no and I didn't want to go out and test it either! And shouldn't you bring that calf into the utility room? Or does D. need a room mate! Heeehee!

Andi said...

No. I didn't know that...

Sarah Castor said...

HAHA! Thanks for sharing! Tell Grandpa that if I didn't have to work or go to classes I would come and help him with the water and such issues! Love you guys! Was it Molly or I who chewed on our hair? Lol! I'm going to try the spit thing later! Haha!

Marilyn said...

Yes, Dawn, I did try it. It is sort of like you hear about frying an egg on the sidewalk. Well that thing doesn't work but spit freezes when it is minus zero. And Molly was the one who chewed on her hair.