Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today I Saw God

Today I saw God,
As I walked across the pasture,
I saw the fawn with its mother,
The ducks leading their young to the water, and
I watched the Prairie chicken, do his courting dance.
The blessing of these sightings of His creation,
Didn't just happen by chance,
It was His gift to me, and I felt a thrilling sensation,
As I observed nature today,
And I knew, that I saw God.

Today I saw God.
As I watched the clouds roll in,
Building higher and higher, growing darker and darker,
As the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled
The wind gathered strength and sheets of water fell from the sky.
Water, replenishing a thirsty land.
Soon the wind subsided and a gentle rain fell,
All is calm again.
I know that I have seen God.

Today I saw God,
As I walked out into my Garden
I saw rows of green where I planted tiny seeds.
From these seedlings will come the fruit of Gods provision.
I ask Him to bless this garden so we can enjoy the harvest
when the snow is on the ground.
He is so awesome that He takes the smallest seed and feeds my family.
Yes, Today I have seen God.

Today I saw God.
As I studied my Sunday School lesson,
As the Pastor gave his sermon, and we sang hymns of praise.
I know that in His Amazing Grace,
I felt a rapture in my heart as I thought of the blood that was shed for me,
A sinner, forgiven, because of His abounding Love.
In all of this, I know
That today I have seen God.

God bless you on this Sunday evening.

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Anonymous said...

Mom I loved this!!! Miss you guys. P