Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Circus

I have told you about the "Little Rascals" in the small town where I lived as a child. Today, I am going to write a new episode about their adventures. Growing up in a small town in the early 1950's was a wonderful time. There was never a thought of some evil thing happening to a child, as we knew everybody in town and everybody watched out for us. They also were part of our adventures.

On a yearly basis, The Circus came to town. This was a very small circus with a few elephants, acrobats, monkeys, and some trick ponies. They also brought the wonderful cotton candy and snow cone machine that was a wonder to us. I still remember my first experience with cotton candy. The big puffy bite that I took was nothing in my mouth. I loved the magic of it.

Our gang was not one to wait around for the annual circus. Maybe its coming or going inspired us as we created a "circus" of our own. We had our own talents to show off. Rover was adorned in a fur collar from some mothers old coat and placed in the crate on our wagon and he became a vicious "Lion". I am not sure he liked the trip around the square in town, but he lead the parade. One daring young man walked his stilts and we had clowns, jugglers, acrobats, and my sister could twirl a baton. We made signs announcing our performance times and place and marched around the square in town with all of the confidence in the world. The Circus was coming to Town!!!!

Several children came to the back yard circus to see our talents and we even had a few adults, who were kind even if they didn't belong to any of us. They were just looking for a little entertainment. You see, this was even before the days of TV. It was a time when everyone sit on the front porch and knew the people and children in the neighborhood. I don't remember what we charged, if anybody had real money, but you could get in for the price of soda bottles. At that time we could take them to the local grocer and get 2 pennies for them.....I think we charged two bottles per person. Whatever it was, didn't matter, we were having fun and were the stars for the evening. Would children dare to have a parade around the square in town today? Would they have to have a permit, get and escort, and have the street blocked off?
I am glad that I had the opportunities that I did. What a great time to be a kid.