Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The bus driver

Did you know that I am a school bus driver. Well, I am a retired one but spent a lot of years in the drivers seat taking all of the kids in this rural community on a 50 mile round trip twice a day. I actually enjoyed it. I watched the sun come up everyday and often watched it set in the evening as I was driving down the road. That is an understatement though. The sun would shine directly in my face both directions. I drove East in the mornings and west on the homeward ride.

I have a lot of fun memories of driving the bus and some that are not so funny. You learn a lot about what goes on at home when no one thinks you are listening. Actually the ride to town was usually a quiet one though as everyone would take a nap right after they finished their breakfast. Hey, some of these kids got on before 7:00a.m.. Life was tough. Some of them actually had to get out of bed and do chores. Some trips were marred by the definite aroma of fresh manure from the barn and "I didn't have time to change my shoes". The smell of cow manure couldn't compare to fresh dog poop though.

I also drove kids to different functions. Taking kids to Tri-State Music Festival and hauling cheerleaders to the game were some of my most memorable times. The only time that I was ever mooned was when a car load of boys bared it all to my bus load of cheerleaders as we were entering our nearby city one evening. I often wondered if something had brought that on.

Today, I saw one of my favorite passengers. He was an only child of a single mom and was quite a story teller. You couldn't tell when he was telling the truth or not. I always thought that he wanted his stories to be true because they came from his heart. What little boy didn't want a big brother!!! One of the highschool boys finally conceded to be his brother and he was one happy kid. Today he has a little brother and a cowboy dad. His fantasy finally came true.

I wish that some of mine would!!! I have always wanted to be skinny. I am afraid only I can make that happen though.

We have prayed for rain and have been so blessed. But at this point, I don't think that I could ever live in Seattle. I also like the sunshine. God is in charge though and I am thankful for that.

Go to Andi's Ramblings and see the woes that she has because of all the rain. Thank You God for putting me on this hill top.


Sarah Castor said...

haha! I wish I had the discipline to get up early. I really do like the mornings. I think I am going to try getting up earlier. Maybe after my cold is gone I will start jogging in the morning. That sounds delightful. Now if I can just do it. :D Love you grandma!

Dawn said...

I love your stories! Keep em comin!